helping people love their bank
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Omnichannel Banking Platform

  • Smartphones Apps

    Connect with your clients on the mobile device of your choice.

  • Tablet Apps

    Create added value experiences for your clients.

  • Web

    Loyalty, profitability, and the best standard of service on the web.

  • Mobile Web

    Excellent mobile experience through the browser.

  • Social

    Interact with your clients in the context they prefer.

  • Kiosk

    Multiple device and cabinet options for every need.

  • Mobile SMS

    Fast and simple transactions that reach every client.

  • Personal Finance

    Gain you clients’ loyalty by providing them with useful and actionable information.

  • Back Office

    Manage all your channels from one place.

  • Soa Service Broker

    Connect all your systems with agility and safety.

  • Analyzer

    Analyze your client's behavior and make the best decision.

  • Marketing Automation

    Maximize your channels’ profit by increasing sales and conversion.

eChannel suite for anywhere banking

helping people LOVE their bank

  • canal web

    Web Channel

    "Web 2.0" design, directed towards usability, navigability, and touch surfaces.
    Unified interface for companies and individuals, customizable by segment.
    Extensible and customizable to the needs of the Bank.
    Multilingual, multi-currency, multi-branch.
  • Web Channel for Tablets:

    The web channel is 100% compatible with tablets.
    It is optimized for touch devices.
    Tested on iOS and Android.
    canal web para tablets
  • Smartphone apps

    (iOS, Android & WindowsPhone)

    Available in Marketplaces, regular communication with clients via updates.
    Native browsing experience, use of device features.
    HTML5 + native code.
    smart phones app
  • tablets app

    Tablet apps

    (iOS, Android)

    Native browsing experience.
    Use of the main features of this device.
  • mobile web

    Mobile web:

    Web application optimized for touch.
    Identical functionalities to those available in the web channel.
    Authorization of pending operations.


    A single web interface for multiple devices that adapts automatically.
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    Mobile Hybrid

    (Native app + mobile web)

    Native functionalities (public area)

    Localized search of branches, ATMs, and benefits.
    News; Simulators.

    Transaction functionalities (private area).

    Login to web application.


    Available in App Stores.
    Reuse of mobile web within native application.
  • 100% available for
    mobile phones


    Fraud Detection: sends alerts on purchases with credit or debit cards.
    Actionable alerts: maturity of loans, cards, tax, and services.


    Messaging application with "interactive" menu.


    Enquiries: balance and maturity dates.
    Transactions: transfers, third party payments, card payments, loans, and services.
    mobile sms

Kiosk Banking

In tablets.
Multiple device and cabinet options.

Channel reuse

Tablet App.
Web Channel.
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IC Banking

Four reasons to use IC-Banking


IC-Banking users carry out more transactions and generate more income.
Using IC-Banking generates more opportunities for cross-selling.


IC-Banking users concentrate more of their transactions in their bank.
IC-Banking users have fewer reasons to change banks.


IC-Banking grows along with the Bank.
IC-Banking easily incorporates new channels.
IC-Banking makes the internal changes of the Bank visible to the user.


Modern and secure channels.
Personal Banking and Company Banking with unified interface.
Multilingual, multi-currency, and multi-branch.
Years of experience in the market
Countries we work in
IT professionals
Clients in Latin America


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About Infocorp Group

Who we are

Infocorp Group is a technology company founded in 1994 and devoted to generating profitable and long term relationships between financial institutions and their clients.

What we do

At Infocorp we work for financial institutions and their clients to fulfill their financial goals by developing long-term relationships based on trust, which are mutually satisfactory.

We achieve this by delivering excellent technological solutions for clients to manage their money and the relationship with their bank, and for the bank to tend to its clients effectively and profitably. Our solutions enable and simplify interactions and the client's relationship with their bank, and make them attractive.

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